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The history of the legendary Zhengyalov Hats is so old that experts can not answer the question of the exact date of its origin. Zhengyalov Hatz was considered a simple food because it was made from a set of certain wild herbs. Traditionally, Zhengyalov Hats was baked by a large relative, led by a grandmother, who passed on the skills and secrets of cooking pita to her daughters and grandchildren. It was, in a way, a ritual that provides an opportunity for communication, association, get-togethers. Today Zhengyalov Hats is prepared in all seasons taking into account the seasonality of herbs. But the recipe and cooking traditions remained unchanged. Zhengyalov Hatz still proudly decorates tables and is considered a particularly tasty, healthy and environmentally friendly food.

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Zhengyalov Hatz - classic

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Name Zhengyalov Hatz - spicy

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